Summerloves Sir Lancelot



Lance is a beautiful bi-black drop dead handsome guy. He will take your breath away. When I brought him home I had planned on just letting him visit with Megan, my poodle. Well not only did Megan fall in love with him but so did my husband Rudy. Lance won Rudy's heart over that very night and has ruled our home ever since.

Megan and Lance are the best of buds. They are always in each others face picking on each other. Our house looks like we have 10 kids living here. Everywhere you step you have to pick up a toy. Lance will bring a toy to you and if you don't take it and play then he will go back to the toy box and bring another and another until you pay attention to him and play tug of war or fetch. He will drive you crazy until you do, so you might as well just do it from the beginning.

Lance has learned to count up to four (4) as well as pick up things that you drop. If there is trash in the front yard, I will send Lance out with Megan and they will pick up the trash. That really saves on my back. He is such a nut that he will even jump on the couch to see if I have left any of the mail there so he can get it and take it to the kitchen to be thrown away. Of course you know he doesn't do any of this for free. It's the "I work for food deal".

Lance does obedience,agility and rally. I think that he loves agility the most. But it doesn't matter he puts his heart into everything that he does. He may be a little guy but his heart is as big as a giants.





Sire: Ch Carloway Black Market
Dam: Summerlove Nobody's Angel
Birthdate: November 18, 2004
Breeders: April Dunford & Lorrie Reed
Owner: Gail Harrell

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