In Memory of "Cody"

Summerlove's Code Of The West

 September 3, 1996 - March 5, 2010


Cody was a 15 3/4" sable & white dog. He was a fun-loving guy with an easy going temperament. Cody enjoyed chasing squirrels and possums. He loved his squeaky toys and he knew that every new toy that Lorrie brought home was for him. Cody enjoyed the road trips to the shows and spending time in hotels and in the RV. Cody was happy as long as his brother Dillon and co-owners Lorrie and April were there with him.

Cody and his brother Dillon often competed and trained together. They loved running the agility training courses together and often helped each other learn the agility obstacles. Cody quickly learned that the agility table was his best friend ---- that's were he got lots of treats.

Cody was a sociable guy . . . and when competing in the agility ring, he would occasionally take a break and visit with scribes, timers and ring stewards. He just wouldn't believe us when we told tell him that not everyone had treats for him!

Cody also competed in the conformation ring, taking Winners Dog at several AKC shows here in Florida and earning a total of 9 AKC breed points.

Cody was a very special boy and we will miss him dearly. Rest in peace Cody - you will remain forever in our hearts.

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Sire: Ch O'Davak's Bound For Glory
Dam: U-AGI, Starfall's Simply Bewitching, NA, NAJ, WWHC, CGC
Birthdate: September 3, 1996
Breeder: Lorrie Reed
Owners: Lorrie Reed & April Dunford

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