In Memory of "Lucy"

Tikaa's Essence Of Starfall ROM

January 19, 1998 - July 22, 2014

Photo By Shelby Price



Lucy was a fun loving, energetic sheltie! She never met a stranger and would greet everyone with lots and lots of enthusiasm! For Lucy, life was just one big adventure after another.

Lucy always had a smile on her face and when she did her happy bark she would jump up and down and twist her head back and forth, just barking away. We always called it her Stevie Wonder impression.

Her greatest contribution was in the whelping box. She produced many champion kids, grandkids and great grandkids. She produced many obedience, agility and rally kids, grandkids and great grandkids. She was the foundation of our breeding program at Summerlove Shelties and we will be forever grateful that Janet Nahikian placed Lucy with us.

Lucy was a tough old gal right up until the end; never whined or fussed, just did her thing and kept moving on. Of course in her last few months she would get lost a lot and then we would search the back yard for her, scoop her up and bring her back inside. Knowing her time here on earth was almost at an end, we did give her a piece of advice and suggested that when she got to doggie heaven, that she had better not start any fights with Carmen or they just might send her back.

Lucy was one of the great ones. She will be forever missed and she will be in our hearts forever.

Lucy is the dam of:
Ch Starfalls My Heart Goes On (Murphy)

Ch Summerloves Look My Way PT, NA, VC (CJ)
Ch Summerloves Zak Attack (Zak)
Ch Starfall Winds of Summerlove (Sullivan)
MACH Summerloves CSNY's Deja Vu CDX (Nash)
Ch Summerlove Ace Up Your Sleeve (Ace)

Lucy is the grand dam of:
Ch Summerloves Irish Music (Ceili)

Ch Summerloves Sneak Attack (Sly)
Ch Starfall Heart Of Summerlove (Jamie)
Ch Starfalls Life Of The Party (Lila)

Ch Summerloves Castle By The Sea (Bailey)
Summerloves Way Too Charming (Murphy)

Ch Summerloves Showtime At Donlyn (Donnie)
Ch Summerloves Caught Ya Lookin (Cassidy)
Ch Summerloves Ace In The Hole (Ace)
Summerloves Feelin Groovy AX, OAJ (Simon) 
Ch Starfalls Skywalker CDX, RE, PT, AX, AXJ, VCX (Sky)
Summerloves Ridin The Wave OAJ, OA, NAF (Banx)
Summerloves Sentimental Journey To Kashmir CD, BN, RE, AX, AXJ, OF, CGC (Kash)
Summerloves Butterfly Kisses CGC, TDI (Pixie)

Lucy is the great grand dam of:
Ch Indian Creeks Scarlet Imp (Carly)

Ch Sunburst One Cool Dude (Fonzie)
Ch Milestones Can You Dig It (Digger)
Ch Summerloves Playin It Cool RN, CGC (AJ)

Lucy is the great-great grand dam of:
Summerloves Sweet Confection CD, RN (Alyssa)

Ch Gopher Hollow Mission Royale (Casino)
Ch Gopher Hollow Mission Divine (Diva)
Katla Lil Bit Of Heaven RN, NA, OAJ (Haylee)
GCh Lakehills Creme Brulee (Leia)
GCh Lakehills Counting On Dreams (Tally)
GCh Summerloves Country Dude (Levi)
Summerloves Man Of My Heart CD, BN, RN, MX, MXJ, MJB, CGC (Manny)
Summerloves Moonlight Adventure RN (Mia)
Ch Katla Too Cool To Care (Nick)
Teleperion Lad Of The Rings NAJ, OA, FN (Pippin)
Teleperion Irish Lace CDX (Laci)
Summerloves Ridin A Riptide OAJ, NF (Rip)
GCh Milestones Cool Summer Wind (Windy)
GCh Summerloves Way Too Cool CDX, BN, RE, NAJ, CGC (Richie)
Ch Summerloves She's Just A Doll (Barbie)
Ch Summerloves Sneak A Peak (Joanie)
Ch Summerloves Charades (Charli)

Lucy is the great-great-great grand dam of:
Ch Starfalls Timeless Summerlove (Billy)

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Lucy's photos

Sire: Starfall's Braveheart
Dam: Tikaa's Tender Touch
Birthdate: January 19, 1998
Breeder: Tracy Lewellen
Owners: Lorrie Reed & April Dunford

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