Ch Shadowhills Jazz On Prinhill
       Prinhill Cool Jazz
        Prinhills Dreamer
    Ch Ch Waldenwood Count Baise
         Ch Glenwood Puttin' On The Ritz ROM
       Waldenwood Diamond Tiara
         Waldenwood Opalescence
  Ch Waldenwood Louis Armstrong RN, CGC
        Ch Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM 
       Ch Trevanne's Windswept ROM
         Trevanne's Blue Heaven
    Ch Waldenwood Candle In The Wind
         Ch Ashwood Slight Of Hand CD, ROM
       Waldenwood Lo And Behold
         Waldenwood I've Got A Secret
Summerloves In The Zone (Zoe)  
         Ch Banchory Peerless ROM
      Ch Tall Timber Far Out Frisco, ROM
         Tall Timber Sierra Tango
    Ch Akirene's Aramis Bi Barkley, ROM
         Ch Final Notice By Stonewall
       Cameo Black Velvet
         Ch Cameo Love In The First Degree
  Ch Raisin's Moonlight Summerlove NA, NAJ
         Ch Raisin Completes The Eclipse
       Raisin's Galileo
         Ch Raisin's Moonlighting
    Raisin's Midnight Masquerade NA
         Ch Raisin Completes The Eclipse
       Raisin Just A Mirage
         Raisin The Moon And Stars

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