Ch Mainstay Attitude Adjustment
    Ch Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer, ROM
       Ch Cindahope Crystal And Gold
  Ch Prinhill Tar-Ri's Tiger Man
       Ch Winslow Summit Rob Roy
    Prinhill Cherry Merry
       Milruc Full Of Sass Of Zion
Summerlove's Life Of The Town "Dallas"
      Ch Kylene Cindahope Town Cryer, ROM
    Ch Zion's Man About Town, NA, VC, ROM, 4CC
       Ch Zion's Tuff-E-Nuff
  Ch Summerlove's Sweet Solitude
       Ch Duluta Fist Full of Dollars, ROM
    Starfall's Simply Bewitching, NA, NAJ, U-AGI
       Starfall Butt'n Bows Of Smaloe

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