Callie, Leo, Chester


Callie and her litter mates Sunny and Mica were feral kittens who came to play on Lorrie's front porch one day. They found the food there to be very delicious and decided to stay. Callie weighed just 2 pounds back in December 2011 and is now all grown up and has become an indoor cat at Lorrie's house. Sunny and Mica now live with Jeanine McFarland.

Callie loves playing with her toys and with her sheltie buddies, especially with Morgan. And in between her daily naps, she's working on teaching the shelties to play more like a cat.

Lorrie thought that Callie needed a buddy, so Leo came to live with them. Leo was raised at the veteranarian's office. His mom was a stray cat. Callie ignored Leo and pretended he wasn't there. Turns out she really didn't want a buddy.

Chester wandered over to Lorrie's house one day and decided he wanted to stay. So he and Leo are great buddies and everone in happy!

Callie and Darcy

Callie and Randi

Callie Feb 2015
Leo Sep 2015

Chester Sep 2015



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